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These groups can be fun, and I admit I have spent a lot of time on them over the years, but these days I find I’d rather actually be with women than hang out virtually.

It’s all good – for many women, this is what they want and need.The point is, a coffee date is just that – coffee and then goodbyes.It should be easy to part, and it should happen quickly and without discomfort. This is a nice spot because it has table perches by the window, a menu for all hours of the day, and it’s on Commercial. And older lesbians who have cool little apartments in those big heritage houses.If you’re just coming out, you might not know that Commercial Drive in Vancouver is a kind of lesbian mecca. It’s also the location of one of the year’s best events – the Vancouver Dyke March.So don’t be shy – set your first coffee date up for the historic Commercial Drive. My wife and I had our first coffee date at Bier Craft – it was breakfast.

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