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Quite frankly, there are some parties that do need a period apart from each other, time to heal, time to go to counseling, and try to put their marriage back together.

Almost all states have laws concerning legal separation, but unfortunately legal separation in Texas is not specifically addressed in the legislative statutes.It is also my understanding that Florida law is very similar to Texas law, in that Florida does not have any type of legal separation. These are processes whereby you go before a court, and the court makes certain rulings and decisions concerning the parties' rights, duties, and obligations while the parties are legally separated.There are many advantages to a legal separation including: Since we have no legal separation in Texas, we frequently work out informal separations.Without a legal separation process in the State of Texas the parties are not left in the limbo state of being half married and half unmarried - legally separated.Return to top of Separation in Texas Article by Attorney John K.

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