Lea michele and ryan murphy dating

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She posted a series of photos of herself wearing a black underwear set, with the ‘Finn’ tattoo on her thigh clearly visible and captioned with a black heart.The tattoo is actually one of at least two bits of ink Lea has in honour of Cory, the other being the number ‘5’ to represent the number on the quarterback jersey his character wore in Glee."We may not have gotten to share a lifetime together.. star Kevin Mc Hale is getting candid about the show’s cancellation in a new interview.She was just great; she was a character; she was my true love of my life as a child.

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I don’t think the show ever came back from that,” Kevin said.

She starred as Rachel Berry, a teenage outcast with big dreams of stardom, who is pivotal in starting up a glee club at her Ohio high school.

The series aired for six seasons on the network, and was the show that launched creator Ryan Murphy to super stardom.

"He completely cared for me," Lea told the magazine. "What started off as being such a great celebration of love and acceptance ultimately became about darkness and death," he said, adding: "It was a great lesson in what not to do moving forward.

"He made sure I was okay every single day, whether it was coming over to his house and having dinner prepared for me, or making sure I was okay at work. And many of them are my good friends to this day." Cory's fans and friends still celebrate the impact he made on their lives, with Lea Michele most recently paying tribute to her former boyfriend on the third anniversary of his death.

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