Katie couric dating

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A reporter for a supermarket tabloid checked into the room next door. “ To many of his friends, it looked as though he was setting the stage to marry Katie Couric,” the book says.

17: What are signs of dating abuse that girls should look out for?

But dating isn't easy, even for a famed TV journalist."Also, when you get to my age, everyone is a bit wounded. "Fortunately, it looks like Couric has found the perfect travel partner with her handsome fiancé!

So I think it's important to handle people with care--not to think, 'Oh, what a terrible date,' but just, 'This person isn't for me,'" she said.

- and who writes Parade maggie’s popular “ Personality Parade” under the pen name Walter Scott - takes on Couric’s rise to the top in his latest tome.

The book, which details Katie’s early days at CNN, her 15-year run on NBC’s “ Today” show and her crash-landing at CBS, expends much ink detailing her on-again, off-again romance with Werner, the Hollywood mogul behind a string of successful sitcoms including “ The Cosby Show” and “ That ’70s Show.” The two met in 2000 on a blind date arranged by Katie’s agent.

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