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About 25 years ago, a small-town schoolmaster in Tennessee told his boys about Darwins theory of evolution.

For this violation of a state law which forbade instruction contrary to the Bible, the teacher was arrested, and the world sat back to watch one of historys most extraordinary trials.

The account is based on a book, Worlds in Collision, by Dr. The article has created such interest in publishing circles that, the Tribune has learned, the editors of Collier's and of The Reader's Digest have other presentations of the same idea in preparation. Atwater, curator of the Hayden Planetarium, wrote at the time, "The theories presented by Dr. I believe the author has done an outstanding job." Another indication of the trustworthiness of Joshua can be found in astronomical data.

Velikovsky are unique and should be presented to the world of science in order that the underpinning of modern science can be re-examined . It appears that one full day is missing in our astronomical calculations.

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Velikovsky's book brought about quite a bit of discussion on this topic.

"The Day The Sun Stood Still," by Eric Larabee was published in Harper's in January of 1950.

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We go to the books with the historical traditions of the aborigines of Central America. The theory of Worlds in Collision rests on catastrophes caused by a great comet that passed near the earth twice, first about 1500 B.It was reprinted in the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune on February 5 of that year, with the comment that "The article on this page--`The Day the Sun Stood Still'--will quite probably become the most discussed magazine piece of 1950.It was published in the current issue of Harper's Magazine, and the Tribune is the first newspaper to reprint it.Joshua 10 David Nelson dramatically informs us of this fact as follows: Chinese history speaks of Yao, their king, declaring that in his reign the sun stood so long above the horizon that it was feared the world would have been set on fire; and fixes the reign of Yao at a given date, which corresponds with the age of Joshua the son of Nun. A "holy" Buddhist by the name of Matanga prevented the sun, at his command, from rising, and bisected the moon. In support of his premise, he also refers to the ancient traditions of a long day: In the Mexican Annals of Cuauhtitlan--the history of the empire of Culhuacan and Mexico, written in Nahua-Indian in the sixteenth century--it is related that during a cosmic catastrophe that occurred in the remote past, the night did not end for a long time. Velikovsky's theory was that at some time in the middle of the second millennium B.C., either the earth was interrupted in its regular rotation by a comet, or the terrestrial axis was tilted in the presence of a strong magnetic field, so that for several hours the sun appeared to lose its diurnal movement.

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