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summer, Jack White bought a house in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that he had seen only in photographs.

He wasn’t planning to live in it, except perhaps occasionally on retreats—he lives in Nashville. The house was designed by George Nelson, a figure in American modernism, who mostly designed furniture.

He wore a tight black suit, a black shirt, a yellow tie, and yellow plastic wing tips for the occasion.

While the crew set up indoors, he paced in the driveway.

The band’s other member, the drummer Meg White, was taciturn punk muse.

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White’s “Lazaretto,” a Third Man record from 2014, sold forty thousand copies in one week, more than any other record since 1991, when Nielsen Sound Scan began following vinyl sales. In these bands, he collaborates, but he still sounds like Jack White.It was long, like a barge, with a flat roof and rows of windows along the front.Its previous owner, a man named Dave Corner, was standing in the driveway.De Stijl reduced artistic forms to fundamental terms, and the notion of restrictions appealed to White, who believes that, as far as his imagination is concerned, having too many choices is stultifying. He says it entered his awareness one day when he was an apprentice in the upholstery shop.He saw that the owner had used three staples to secure a piece of fabric and he realized that “three was the minimum number of staples an upholsterer could use and call a piece done.” The White Stripes were built around the theme of three—guitar, drums, and voice.

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