Is raymond lam dating linda chung

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It turns out that the 3 of them were just filming for TVB's new series [Heart of Greed II].

At approximately 4am, Raymond finished filming the holding hands scene with Tracy Ip.

He went into the convenience store to join Linda and shared one magazine together, Tracy Ip was alone playing with the turning egg machine.

Afterwards, Raymond and Tracy filmed a break up scene, Tracy kissed Raymond's cheek, while Linda saw Raymond being kissed, she was absent-minded and could not hide the feeling, her expressions were delayed.

He will be performing his concert at Ho Chi Minh city tonight.

This is Raymond's first time in Vietnam, a few hundred fans were already waiting for him in the airport.

So she arranged a new wife for Yan Gai with Frances Wong Sau Kam (Susanna Kwan), and she bore him a son, Chi Foon (Lai Lok Yi).

Although he was surrounded by many security guards, he was happy to see the fans.Translated by: a Znangel @ Oriental Daily Tracy Ip Kisses Raymond Lam, Linda Chung Jealous This Saturday reporters caught Raymond Lam and Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) in the streets of North Point getting intimate and holding hands.In the distance, rumored girlfriend Linda Chung coincidentally walked by and saw the two.He reckoned this is his chance to perform outside Hong Kong.The local TV station is broadcasting one of his TV series, therefore, his fans are watching him too.

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