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Wearing particular colors will influence the way others relate to you. Appear friendly and approachable Wear clear earth tones, light yellow and clear colors in warmer hues: 7.Hear are some tips on how to dress to influence with color. Attract attention Wear bright, advancing colors such as orange-red, orange, yellow and lime that are visually and psychologically compelling (but not necessarily business-like). Downplay attractiveness Wear muted colors, dark colors, neutral colors and unflattering colors: Manage the impression you give.She is a founding board member and ex-President of the South Asia-Singapore Chapter of AICI, a global professional association of image consultants.Black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming.

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Hue is literally the name of the color that you are looking took any kind of art class growing up, chances are your instructor mentioned the term “color theory.” And that was probably the last time you gave that term any kind of thought.Which explains why a lot of us make arbitrary decisions about color.Now, I’m sure of a lot of you reading this struggle with how to use color. But once you understand some fundamental rules, working with color will become something you look forward to. And it doesn’t matter if it’s for graphic design, illustration, or motion design. So, today we’re going to cover some basics for how to work with color. And not only will I explain by example, but I will leave you with some handy tips along the way…Okay, fine. You might recognize these characters from your favorite design app, though sometimes they’ll be referred to as HSB.I’ll also include a free download with a bunch of my favorite color resources. These terms might sound all science-y, but they’re easy to understand.

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