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Instead, if the requested object is not cached by that cache or by cluster members with the same version of the configuration, Oracle AS Web Cache forwards the request to the origin server.When the cache cluster members are not running the same version of Oracle AS Web Cache, you can still invalidate objects, and you can propagate the invalidation to other cluster members, but the invalidation message must originate from the cache that is operating with the earlier version of Oracle AS Web Cache.If more objects than the number specified meet the invalidation criteria, Oracle AS Web Cache lists the URLs for the number of objects requested.It also returns the total number of objects that meet the invalidation criteria.The administrator need only specify which objects to invalidate and how invalid those objects should be.Application Server Control Console provides a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the invalidation process. Use the online help for the wizard pages for further assistance.In a cache cluster, you can enable or disable the propagation of invalidation requests to all cluster members.

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To achieve this, the PERL script can be modified such that when the bulk loading operation has completed, the script will send an invalidation request to the cache invalidating all catalog views and search results. [13/Jul/ 0000] [notification 11748] [invalidation] [ecid: 21085932167,0] Invalidation with INFO 'summary.gif' has returned with status ' SUCCESS'; number of objects invalidated: '14'.

If any cluster member cannot be reached, Oracle AS Web Cache returns an error message and does not propagate the invalidation messages.

During a cache cluster upgrade, you upgrade one cache cluster member at a time. However, because other cluster members have a different version of the configuration, the caches will not forward invalidation messages to those cache cluster members operating with a different version.

Oracle AS Web Cache Manager enables you to send either basic invalidation request for invalidation one object, or an advanced invalidation request for multiple objects, as described in the following topics: Oracle AS Web Cache processes the invalidation request, and returns the Cache Cleanup Result dialog box that the shows the invalidation status and the number of objects invalidated.

The following figure shows the dialog box: Description of the illustration In a cache cluster environment, if .

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