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Being called intimidating can come as a shock, and due to its deleterious effects, is not desirable. We’re not physically aggressive, but we can be forceful in pursuing our goals — that’s what often makes us successful.

However, the intimidation that employees feel in an otherwise positive climate is almost never caused by overt aggressiveness at the hands of a business owner or manager.

You listen because you know that happy, engaged employees make for a better company so you give your employees a space to speak up, but you remain closed off; you do not listen.

It’s pressure we apply to them, perhaps accompanied by unspoken threats — perceptible in tone and volume of voice, nonverbal forcefulness, and stance.

As a manager, you may want an employee to act a certain way, complete an action, or cooperate with the team, so you apply a bit of pressure to get them to comply.

His work environment was very creative and high energy.

There were big personalities, and lots of friendly ping pong and air hockey matches.

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