Intimidating names for characters

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Rumored to house monsters and other unearthly beings, the friends decide to sort fiction from facts, finally laying rumors to rest.

Braving dangers and putting their courage to the test, the four enter the mansion to come upon a blue monster that attacks them.

He was a grumpy orange tabby who liked to jump out of doorways and claw at us.

It resulted in quite a few scratches, but over time, Jason calmed down and went from violent to just crotchety.

The horror genre draws out an intense fear from all viewers, leaving us trembling with an overwhelming sense of uneasiness.

For every viewing experience, there are many elements that can contribute to the horror genre; including death, the paranormal, torture, gore, and so much more.

Deadman Wonderland captures life in Japan after a natural disaster that destroyed a huge percentage of Tokyo.

As protagonist Ganta Igarashi is accused of a very serious crime, we observe whether he is able to survive this ruthless and sadistic environment with prisoners threatening each other’s lives endlessly.While we probably should have named him Freddy as in Kruger, Jason suited him just fine.It turns out many pet owners like to give their cats and dogs a scary moniker.Follow Danielle on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest (where she maintains an ‘ Adorable Pups’ board), or find her at her blog, Some Puppy To Love.MORE OF MY BABBLE POSTS: 10 Pics of Puppies n’ Pumpkins!

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