Intimedating women

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I think there are women who are as interested in sex [as men].” Show your interest by taking the first step from time to time.

Your partner will likely appreciate it, and you may find a new level of satisfaction in taking responsibility for your sexual experience, something Westheimer feels strongly women must do.

Ruth," aka Ruth Westheimer, Ph D, a psychosexual therapist, professor at New York University, and lecturer at Yale and Princeton universities.

“They used to think that women are less interested in sexual activity and I don’t want to say that anymore.

In a study being conducted by Fisher and her colleagues of university students engaging in one-night stands, the numbers show that men are just as serious about sex and relationships as women. “Never assume that a man is not romantic,” Fisher says.This comes as a big surprise to many women, and often his lack of interest in sex is something we take personally.“It comes as such a shock [to women] that they just don’t believe it,” Fisher says about the reaction many women have when their partner says they aren’t in the mood for sex.Thinking about how you look during sex stops you from enjoying yourself and ruins your chances of achieving an orgasm.“Don’t think about the fat on your belly or the makeup on your face,” advises Westheimer. You must give yourself permission to have an orgasm.” “Men want their wives to abandon themselves in sex play, and that’s not likely if she is anxious about her physical concerns,” Parrott says.

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