Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing

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Move Next Loopcbo Need = s Needcbo Need2 = s Need2ado Rec. No, what I meant is using the (hidden) Collect method: Some Value = rs. Close Set ado Rec = Nothing Set ado RS4 = Nothing Set ado RS5 = Nothing End Sub Just thought I would pass that a long, I hope this helps someone. I agree with the default properties and use of a banger. Field obeject variable is also one point I mentioned which is faster when accessing multiple properties and methods of a field (or whatever). When I separated the loading of the combo boxes it worked at first. When I investigated Run Time error 2147467259 in the MS Knowledge base it was no longer there (I was able to find it last week). So I figured because ADO was trying to deal with one key and two combos at the same time it was getting confused. Interestingly enough it is not blowing up on the load of "Needs"/"Elig" tables. Move Next Loopshould look like this Do Until ado Rec. ADO doesn't care about anything to do with a key here. Value But since you remove 1 level of resolving you get a speed increase. Too many rows were affected by the update."This occurs if you have a table with no unique index constraints and have duplicate rows. I am a novice and you guys left me in the dust a looooong time ago. Now it no longer works and I am back to square one. Fields("pgm_code").value & " " & ado Rec.fields("pgm_code_names"). Move Next Loopwhere you are saying you are having a key problem I'm unsure. Although I cant think that its relevant you can get a similar error in SQL - "key column information is insufficient or incorrect.

I was getting the msg:insufficient key column information for updating and refreshing.

I was loading combo boxes which I learned how to do on Tek Tips thank you very much. Recordset Dim con String As String Dim s Code As String Dim s Elig As String Dim s Elig2 As String Dim s Need As String Dim s Need2 As String Set ado Combo = New ADODB.

Well I decided to get fancy and try and load two combos at once.

Resync new records won't be visible but that doesn't explain the error.

Active Connection = Nothing 'disconnect recordset End With -- Thanks, David Satz Principal Software Engineer Hyperion Solutions (using VB6 SP3/MTS/SQL Server 6.5 SP5a) (Please respond to the newsgroup.) According to the description of .

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