Indexing not updating outlook 2016 top dating books

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It covers the basics of Indexing in Outlook plus some details of Outlook specific indexing errors.However the indexing problem that’s showing up in Outlook might not be caused by an Outlook problem.

Normally it’s available but not installed because most people don’t need it. But it’s just one example of how flaky Windows Search Service can be.

This is the part of Windows which indexes the content of all the documents, images and other files on your computer, plus Outlook data, so that it can be searched quickly. “Near enough is good enough’ seems to be the Microsoft motto.

We’ve complained for years about the Indexing service, for example the lack of an easy ‘Index Now’ option to speed up initial indexing. But it’s not very robust and too many little things can make it fall over.

As we’ll see below, there are other non-Outlook issues that can stop indexing of your mail store.

Once you’ve tried the official Microsoft route, you have to look at other possibilities.

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