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Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 6007 (a), if you desire to oppose this action you must file a written objection and request for hearing on or before the Objection Deadline set forth above and serve a copy on the Trustee's counsel at the address listed below. Case: 18 - 13507 - MER Doc #: 292 Filed: 08 / 30 / 18 Entered: 08 / 30 / 18 12: 11: 11 Page2 of 3 5. Thank you for your time and assistance with this matter.

It cannot be auctioned off and sold separately along with the tools and equipment owned by Tempus Jets. Legal entity GOLDEN FLIGHT ENTERPRISES, LLC is a business company registered in the Register of State Ohio with the Entity Number 1417700 under the legal form of FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.The company was written into the database at 16th October 2003 and its current status is Dead. Jet Blue Airways wants to make sure that everyone is familiar with some lesser-known aspects of modern aviation history beyond the story of the brothers Wilbur and Orville, who are credited with the invention of the airplane.As part of a new marketing campaign that informs travelers that “just alright doesn’t fly here,” the airline introduces the fictional Alright brothers who, in contrast to the Wright brothers, are credited with having …

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