How to prevent dating violence

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Most people believe they would know if they were in an abusive relationship but when you ask them how they would know, they often reply, 'I would just know'.

Obviously, this is not a good answer and the fact is that unless people understand psychological abuse and manipulation, they are vulnerable to being caught by abusers.

This is the state in which the manipulator wants their victim.

The manipulator basically rushes the victim very quickly through the building of an intimate relationship and begins to create dependency in the victim.

The emotions of the victim are carefully controlled by the manipulator.

We have seen how the victim is made to feel particularly good at the start.

And the victim has experienced so much pleasure and nice times that he or she wants it to continue so initially they agree to go along with the manipulator's requests in order to maintain the nice feelings.

The initial impression created by the abuser in the victims mind is very important and it is very strong.

The victim believes that the partner is loving, caring, intelligent, 'a good catch' and so on.

It happens to people of all ages, it happens to both sexes and it happens in heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

The violence can be verbal, mental, physical or sexual.

The target cannot rationalize what is going on because they are so happy and euphoric even.

Whenever somebody is in a very emotional state, whether high or low, their critical thinking abilities are limited.

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