How to have a godly dating relationship

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There is a progression that should take place in building a Christian dating relationship.

The following is offered as a short Christian dating guide for Christian singles to consider as they build a Christian dating relationship.

There is no set time frame for a pre-engagement period.

Either you or your partner may lapse into bad habits that cause arguments.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship, and both partners should be equally invested in the relationship to ensure its success.

It would be especially helpful to take the inventories mentioned above to the counselor for their input. It is very important that the couple receive affirmations from family and friends during this stage.

If they do not (unless there is a good reason), the couple should take the time to listen to the concerns and take steps to ensure that they are embracing and working through them. Once a couple arrives at the point that they “know” that they want to be married and have all the affirmations that they can receive, they can move from the Christian dating stage with confidence into the engagement stage. I do not recommend a prolonged engagement once the couple decides to get married.

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