How to fix validating identity on wireless network

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But when I looked into the top rated devices (Plantronics 5200 and Sennheiser Presence) it isn't clear if they will allow me to listen to books & music in between phone calls.Can you please recommend a device that satisfies these requirements? - There's basically no obstructions in view between the house and pool area.Security-Authentication Mode WPA/WPA2 Group Cipher - Encryption CCMP Authentication Protocol WPA2-PSK EAP type EAP-PEAP does anyone know an exact model that will work? I would like to keep it simple as we really do not have the need for a sophisticated set up.Hello, I am looking to upgrade our current wireless access. I currently mange each access point individually and would like to keep it that way if possible.I have looked into some new ones and they require a management console or control centers.I would rather not go that direction if I don't have to.

Anyone know if they can advise if the port on the switch is assigning a dhcp IP to the device from the server since the device is getting activity and how I can see if the device is online other than CDT which is not picking it up I am trying to make a hp laserjet 607 printer work on our network wirelessly. I need an adapter that can be configured like the datamax rl4e printer.

With WAP321's I simply connect directly to the device and configure it then just connect it to the network. Are there any faster access points that I could set up the same way?

Thank you My Logitech Anywhere Darkfield mouse could pair with its Unifying Usb receiver & work well on my home Win 7 or Win XP but on my office Win10 laptop, the pairing greys out : see attached Q1: How to fix this issue?

I also noted that the list of wireless security mode options is limited compared to what is listed in the user manual.

This is essentially resulting in having to set a Hex wireless key on the access point, which will not translate well to the use of the wireless network by our staff on site.

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