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Granny is a first-person horror game that takes its cues from the likes of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

You have 5 days to escape the house all while avoiding Granny who is keeping you locked inside.

Granny is a free to play game with no in-app purchases & the effort put in to make it a sinister play is admirable. The occasional ad will pop up but that’s par for the course & can hardly be worth complaining about considering it’s a free game.

Try and escape from a creepy house full of traps in the first-person horror game Granny.

That's why we've put together a selection of 20 free horror games that you can find on Uptodown.

Knowing this, it’s very hard to stop yourself from doing it the moment she comes walking your way.

The sound of a creaky floor-board is enough to send you into palpitations as you try to quickly find a place to hide. It’s very confusing at first & you’ll be relying more on trial & error to work out where you need to go.

Once you do know though it’s a very easy game as Granny is fairly predictable.

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