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ANTICIPATION: 3 In this six-part surveillance thriller, Holliday Grainger plays a detective investigating British soldier Shaun Emery (Callum Turner) who has a murder conviction overturned.But damning CCTV footage from a night out emerges, forcing Shaun to fight for his freedom again.

ANTICIPATION: 2 Few war dramas can genuinely claim to be epic, but this adaptation seems to justify the title based on its cast alone.Led by Oscar-winner Helen Hunt and Sean Bean, it tells the intertwined story of ordinary people living through World War Two.Of course there’s the inevitable love story at its heart, while the sensational special effects bring the horrors of the conflict to life.ANTICIPATION: 3 Over-75s being forced to pay for their TV licences will be thrilled to hear the Beeb have blown the budget on this lavish adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fantasy.It is thought to be one of the most expensive dramas ever shown on BBC1 with most of the money spent on CGI.

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