Halaqah dating

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https://onelecture.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/day-79-why-cant-i-cry-when-i-hear-the-quran-why-am-i-not-moved-29-min/ . ” ( 11 mins ) This is a time-consuming process, therefore the Halaqah’s “10-Questions” may not be available on a weekly basis.Kerana ia dah menjadi kebiasaan, ramai yang jadi lupa bahawa 'dating' tu dilarang Islam, yela, kalau ada sorang dua je couple di KLCC tu mesti malu nak berkepit-kepit macam kembar kan, tapi kalau dah hampir semua pengunjung KLCC tu couple, rasanya yang ~Semoga ukhwah kita yang terjalin ini adalah bersandarkan kerana Allah.A good friend is one who accommodates your faults but corrects them where possible.

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A person must be prepared to overlook some of the faults of his brother or sister in Islam; he must be prepared to give them excuses for any incorrect or bad behaviour they see in them.

It is easy to take on their mannerisms and qualities without even being aware of it.

If these are good qualities then it is a good thing but what if the people you consider friends have pushed you away from the remembrance of God? Would that I had never taken so-and-so as a friend!

Every believer, past, present and future is linked by this fundamental truth.

Prophet Muhammad spoke about this bond on many occasions.

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