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#Made In Chelsea is always awkward but tonight’s is the worst ever!

So scripted, so disjointed and who are Angus and Amelia?

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returned to our screens last night, kicking off a brand new season with some brand new faces.

The success rate of this turning out well is probably very small.

Take a long hard look at yourself, go and find yourself a hobby and stop wasting everyone’s damn time. If you wipe your arse with £50 notes, there’s only a select few who will appreciate knowing that.

We saw a heap of new ladies join the cast from James Taylor's love interests Verity and Eliza to Miles Nazaire's love interest Maeva and Amelia and new boy, Angus - who fans were less than impressed by.

Angus Findlay has previously starred on star, for a brief stint.

If you’re single, there’s a strong chance you are or have been one of Tinder’s 50 million users. Also, it’s nice to know who you’re actually talking to. I’m looking at those of you who think it’s cool to put up a picture of yourself holding a big dirty fish. It’s better to have too much to say than nothing, as making someone feel like they’re drawing blood out of a stone isn’t fun for anyone. If someone asks how your weekend was, tell them why it was great/average/poor.

If I can’t work out which one you are in your pictures, I’ll assume there’s a reason why you’re hiding behind everyone else. “I’m good, I’ve just eaten a massive pizza and seen off a whole bottle of wine.” Not the most exciting chat, but it builds the groundwork for a good flow of conversation to go down.

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