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The Dodecanese Islands lie on the eastern edge of the Aegean Sea adjacent to the coast of Turkey and your flotilla departs from the popular island of Kos.Sailing the Dodecanese Islands offers great open-water passages long or short between the 14 largely unspoilt islands and more than 40 islets, and is perfect for the slightly more experienced flotilla sailor, looking for a change.After lunch, we visit the Chateau de Commarin, encircled by a moat, for a close-up encounter typical of medieval times, a magnificent falconry display.After this, we meet Count Bertrand de Vogue, the current resident of the chateau, being the 26th generation of his family in residence. (Under review with owners)Would you book with us again? The tour was disappointing though the opportunity to sample the different classifications of Chablis was good.

The barge was absolutely as Emma described it: Luxurious and we liked the "traditional" feel We rate it 10/10The cruise was beyond our expectations: Quiet, rural and pretty We heard about Hotels Afloat from Rick Stein and rate them 10/10 for their attention to detail and website. - yes, although unlikely that we will make another trip of this sort from Canada From the moment you step aboard La Belle Epoque, you will be charmed by this floating hotel.

We take a trip to Les Riceys, the only wine growing area of the Champagne region to have the coveted 3 Appelation d'Origine Controllés.

Enjoy the elegant setting in the Maison Alexandre Bonnet for a private tasting.

Friendly staff and top notch facilities on board I rate the boat a 10We enjoyed all the visits with the exception of the winery.

New for 2019: A brand new sun canopy ensuring that you can dine outside while protected from the sun!

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