Future directions of luminescence dating of quartz is beau from blessthefall dating lights

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It has recently been proposed that it may be possible to extend the age range of luminescence dating of loess using the far-red (λ=665-740nm) emission from feldspar, as it is thought not to exhibit anomalous fading.

Studies on red luminescence have been hindered due to technical difficulties in suppression of background and other factors. photo-multiplier plus filter combinations) have been reported demonstrating that red IRSL (λ=590-700nm) may be observed from coarse-grained feldspar (Fattahi and Stokes, 2002a).

However, this modified system was not able to detect far-red IRSL (λ=665-740nm) from old (>800ka) Chinese loess.

In this short note we describe further modifications to the system which have successfully enhanced the far-red IRSL signal, and at the same time reduced background signal levels.

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ABSTRACT This article presents the first direct absolute dating method of a Qanat system obtained through optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of grains in spoil heaps, using feldspar single-grain, feldspar multi-grain and quartz multi-grain samples.

This novel and highly promising approach to improving our understanding of the chronology of Qanats is more important than the final age results.

The aim of this present paper is to discuss some landmarks and recent trends in the development and application in these areas.

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