Fun dating places

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This could mean a funky dive bar, swanky speakeasy, or a rooftop bar with a view and a fire pit.If you choose a memorable spot, then the old drink date isn't boring in the slightest.To make sure you relax and feel fulfilled, we rounded up nine fun things to do on a first date (though they're just as fun to do on your own, with a friend, or with a long-term partner).Some make for grand gestures, while others upgrade the classic "let's grab drinks" to something a bit more memorable.You could also spice things up with a mezcal tasting or mixology class.Day dates can be super romantic, and though it may feel like there's more at stake, they can also feel more casual if you go into it with the right attitude and activity. Chances are, that the cute animals will give you something to laugh about, and nothing eases first date jitters like a laugh. If you and your date have a mutual love of art, you'll bond over this shared interest even more during a first date.

Arcade bars are trending in major cities for a reason, and even if you go somewhere slightly cheesy, challenging your date to a round of Dance Dance Revolution, table tennis, or pinball can get you out of your head so you can enjoy the moment.

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If you live in a city, plan to have the picnic in a public park or during sunset on a rooftop (if you have access to one). It's a bit more sophisticated and requires more planning than just meeting at a bar.

want to make an impression, and you'd love the idea of grabbing drinks, but it feels too bland for a first date. Plus, if you two don't hit it off, at least you'll learn something new from your guide.

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