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In the olden days, people would sign up for a card for something silly like a t-shirt or a little clock radio.The banks surely had a good laugh, since on average each new customer yielded thousands of dollars of profit for them – through transaction fees paid by stores, and through charging people hilariously high interest rates for short-term loans, which they miraculously paid willingly.If I’m going to take action on a consumer deal where I am effectively doing battle with a clever demon who is trying to fool me, it had better pay me several hundred dollars, and take only a small number of hours of total work.So, motivated by the idea of sharing the story with YOU, I used myself as a guinea pig and signed up for a Chase Ink Business card (pictured above) that came in the mail, directed to my business name. The tale below describes the experience: I applied online, using the web address specified in the paper mailing, including a specialized offer code.This wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for us since we travel at least once or twice each year.

The only hitch is that the rebate can only be applied to travel purchases booked through Travelocity (air, hotel, car rental).This went smoothly, other than some brain-dead features in the online application page, like initially rejecting my business’s tax ID number because I included the hyphen that the government uses when issuing the number.() The card came within a week, with an 00 credit line.They do this by offering an ever-increasing share of profits back to the consumers.Now it has reached the point where you’d be a fool to sign up for any card offering less than a 0 reward for joining, and some will pay 0-0.

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