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Amorous is a furry dating simulator which aims to provide a high quality graphic novel experience for free.Shake up the formula with animated NPCs, sandbox environments, real choices and interactive mini-games to keep you engaged.This isn't my strong suit but I can do things like come up with Dialogue and such.This was an idea that came to me and I wanted to put it out there for other people to think about.If you pledge late in the month, say the 28th, you’ll be charged on the day you sign up and the beginning of the next payment cycle (the 1st of every month).This makes it best to pledge at the beginning of the month to avoid being charged back to back.It can range from adding a channel to changing a rule, as long as it will benefit the server in some way, shape, or form.

A furry is any sort of half-animal/half-human creature, usually bipedal.

Examples of this are: The PUBA segmented dating world in which you can travel between multiple rooms and have brief conversations with the main characters. Strengthen your personal relationships and find that strength translates into your battles together.

These conversations affect their affection towards you, the story, and the combat. Get to know and romance them but be wary of leaving the strength of your other teammates behind!

Welcome to Furry Sanctuary, a place where furries, and supporters, can hang out and chat! You can hang out and chat with your friends, meet new people, talk about your hobbies, share your art, and more! To get access to the NSFW content, you need to get age verified through our system.

It can be about anything, ranging from hobbies all the way to your life! The list would get boring if I were able to name off all of the things that you can do. No, when you join you have to go through our Gatekeeper system, which keeps raiders from entering the main server, as well as bots and spam. To get age verified, you will need to send a photo of your ID with EVERYTHING BLURRED except your birthdate and your photo, and a photo of you holding the ID where the image is visible.

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