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Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. " "Weel, John, it's jist this, that ye'll bury me among my ain folk at Kirkcaldy." "Hoots, 'oman, it canna be ; I tell you it canna be." "Weel. In those days nothing will be too good for the Irish — except the re- formers ; and they'll be too good for everybody, and useful only to make people happy and contented under Patrick's chosen people. } Oepository of tlie Qevernment ef vim Pliillppine isiaads. Capital, ,000,000 Sorplas ant Undivided Profits, 69,000 INTEREST AI. Ezecaior and Administrator; Takes entire cbarge of Real and Personal Estates; careni Uy selected securities offered for investment.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. John, if ye dinna tak' me to Kirkcaldy I'll haunt ye; my speerlt will haunt ye." "Aweel, if It comes to that. I'll hae to do it; but I'll try ye in Blairgowrie flrat." — Ex- change. That's All I THE WILSON DISTILLING CO., Baltimore, Md. It will be a great day for Ireland." In good season St. LOWED ON DEP081TH SUBJECT TO CHEQUE OR ON CERTIFICATE. TRAVELERS' LETTERS OP CREDIT AVAILABLE IN ALL PARTS OP THE WORUX COMMERCIAL LETTERS OP CREDIT ISSUED. Prance, Germany, Uliina and Plillippines BOUGHT and SOLD, WALT.

Descendants of Henry Brifj^ht, jr., who died at Water- town, Mass., in i6S6, are entitled to hold scholarships in Harvard College, established in i SSo under the will of JONATHAN BROWN BRIGHT of Waltham, Mass., with one half the income of this Legacy. PAUB Above the Clouds 588 Absorbed 594 According to Newton 191 Ade, Geo 394 Ad Infinitum 250 Advertisement 182 Advice to Bores 112-3. We'll have real Horses, a real Brook (and real Actors) 158 Burial of the Trusts, The 348-9 Business and Pleasure 455 Business 'Boom, A 463 Busy Day, A 271 By George, none of the Game Laws ever seem to apply to that Boy! We must catch the Sawyers and Congratulate them on their Marriage 83 Case of Necessity, A 353 Case of Present Treatment, A.. A 545 Compulsory Harmony 43 Cupid's Candle 494 Cupid's R 459 Dante's Inferno? 293 Don't you think six Clubs a good many to belong to? .4, 26, 46, 66, 86, 106, 128, 150, 172, 194, 216, 240, 262, 286, 320, 342, 364, 386, 406, 440, 460, 484, 510, 542, 562, 586 Educational 134-5 Ef that city Chap, what com- plained Winter was devoid of Amusin' Features could see Bill Bumpstid since he froze his 272 Elopers have returned to ask your Blessing 227 Emergencies that we must Face. When the con- ditions are bad— when the streets are years at the rate of one every eighteen months, and it does not seem unlikely that a little outside pressure may prove wholesome to her. The Voice that breathed o'er Eden still is plead- ing In tones of which this old world never tires. And keep your hands oft curious things, The trolley rope, the bell that rings. Such is the law, don't say It nay; There's fines for those who don't obey! To HAVE helped a great man on his way is something to remember. Tpm ST ACTRESS : I was certainly -*" beside myself with rage. Why, you quivered even in the places you were upholstered. T3UDYARD KIPLING and Alfred -^ ** Austin will start soon for South Africa on a still Pegasus hunt. Rockefeller is contemplating a visit n L«o Tolstoi of Russia. The result was he ate the prepared kindling wood instead of the predigested breakfast food. Its editorials are reminiscent of the animal that is neither dog nor goat, because, for a dog it has not bark enough, and for a goat it is lacking in horns, while the size of its ears bears witness to its negative intelligence. London Rare Old Violins Lnrit»iit and fl D4*t ^) lection on thin contl nr Mit, i L'OULpr Ulnif th« oompl«t« t:«rniir Al«.

Such descendants failing, other persons are eligible to the scholarships. 156-7 -^sop Up to Date 302, 385 After Christmas i After Fifteen Years 392-3 After the Holidays 25 Airy Persiflage 507 Alas 366, 375 Alas, Poor De Lesseps 490-1 Alice in March 243 All Absorbing Love, An 183 All the World's a Stage 411 Americanized 572 Americans Abroad 563 Anatomical 5 And shall we never meet again ^ 523 And so you won't let me be yours 285 Announcement 177, 563 Another Victim 465 Answer, The 70 April 34 Arabian Nights up to Date 590 Arbitration 390 At the Sign of the Bow ana Arrow 487 Aut Scissors Aut Nullus. 50 Cash Register and Ledger 551 Catechism Universitatis Futurae 449 Challenge 504 Changed 449 Change for ? 139 Day Dream, A 251 Delaware 469 Desperate course of a Lover whose Fiancee is a con- firmed Lion-hunter 246-7 Dessert 8 Dispossessed 17B-9 Doloroso-Capriccioso 585 Don't Quarrel with the Cab- man 347 Don't shoot. 527 English Table D'Hote 3^3 Enthusiastic Patron, An 494 Even in Lent some people con- tinue their Pranks 205 Evolution of the Game Hog. 567 Never 95 Newer Education 533 New Generation, A 37 New Heraldry, The 367 New Preparations 266 New York and the New Year.. To throw an occasional fit is the reasonable privi- lege of a free country, but a condition of political epilepsy cannot exist in- definitely without consequences that invite treatment. And tho' the winter months draw on apace, Life's daily leaf we turn with better grace, Because within our hearts there runs tha rune: *' Love does not end with Roses and with June." Sarah 8. * cial scales and triumphantly weighed all the fish he caught, and for his friends' inspection kept the record thus accurately made. Upon or off a moving car Thou shalt not jump, so friend, beware. A Chicago paper says of one Western Senator that he takes pride in never saying more than "yes" or "no" to newspaper men. President Baer and John Mitchell of the Amalgamated Union have together taken a cottage at Newport for the season, where they will entertain their friends. His object being to Bi^nvert Count Tolstoi to the Baptist Church. When the servants got up there woa nothing to build the fire with. A philanthropist has offered ,000.00 to the person who could analyze and clearly state the Jhspc Uch's political position, but nobody ever even made an attempt to earn the money. Chicafo The club are the original bottled Cocktails. When others are offered It Is ror the purpose of larger prof- its. HEUBLETN & BRO., So U Prcfr Otorsf 29 Broadway, New York, N. Tobacco delightfully blended Look for the Bull Dog on ea.c K Box John W. The Roycroft Sege Lr Shop, which is **At the Sign of the Bull Dog" NEW YORK IF IN HASTE TAKE THE NEW YORK CENTRAL.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. A Blaiboowrxk man had married a natlre of Kirkcaldy. What's the sense of being a prophet if you can't squint ahead a trifle of fifteen hundred years?

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Some years later, when the woxqad was dying, she said to her husband, "John. and I want you to do me a faror." "Weel, 'oman, what is it? America will fill up with all kinds of people from white men to Anglo-Saxons ; they'll be too busy to govern themselves, and our boys will take care of them.

^ 367, 389, 470, 51 1» 54^ Society Butterfly, A 36 Soldier's Valentine, A no So long as Colonel Lexington had to wear glasses he in- sisted upon the right Kind. 387 Some Designs for Book Plates, 131, 182, 264, 344 Some International Correspond- ence 365 Some Letters of Recommenda- tion 195 Some Notes on Labor 391 Some Snapshots of the Pullct- ville University Picked Nine 587 Content^. He has lavished his strength and skill on the cases brought to him and has done his best to make his methods clear to our sur- geons. " "I will take the white ones, please; that is, if you don't mind." "That'll be just right, aunty. Should she pout or refuse him, he will not complain ; Homoeopathy lends him a balm for his pain. Established in 2823 Syfl UIAMS'S ( SHAVING ) STICK Indispensable to every j I gentleman who shaves. Western Office & Dittril Miting House, St Louis, SNo. Si£«i, fi, fi, e^, end 7 fee L Wdght, 30 U 70 Iba, TJin fi Uie only Practical rnirtnhk Tnblc In ii Jif^ Tiart fiti lirn Tity or dinliii; luibjt, or on out f Lj Jc Lirii? Tp]n]g hli H^kif *tt awjij la c Jijwi nr ti4fhii]d A-.i Kif, ]ivit«a 1 1 J im I'Tv V I'd . «r¥ waj^iirirt, rininwrn frriv AMERICAN DARRACQ AUTOMOBILE CO. After the deluge of musical comedy and unwholesome, unnatural rubbish dumped on the American stage by the Theatrical Syndicate as the sole theatrical diet for which the American public hungers, it is refresh- ing although not exciting. Thompson's acting — ^rouse scant interest were there more plays of even ordinary merit to be seen. TF, as they say, Congress passed no fewer than fifteen hundred special pen- sion bills during the last session, a broadening of the general pension law would certainly seem to be called for. PIERCE CO.^''Zitt V PIERCE Cycles and ARROW Motor Cars. ROYAL L LEGRAND Tff£ LATEST SUCCESS OF THE ^^^ ORIZA-PERFUIMERY (Oiaad Friz Faris 1900) LIFE No better Turkish Cigarette can be made E^gyptian Deities GO RKGHT TO CARRMGE HEADQUARTERS Write to-day for our illastrated catalogue (free) which describes our goods truthfully, explains our method and our guarantee and makes it safe, simple and easy for you to get carriages, harness and horse accessories direct from our factory at wholesale prices. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Prompt notification should be sent by sub- scribers of any change of address. k O l)4rrijw more money than trouble, 'To i^ivo more advice than help, To bej Lf patiently my neighbor's suffering, Aud ta be courageous in his defeats ; To sit quietly while others stand, To drink while others thirst, and to eat while othera starve, In short, to live along the lines of least resistance, and die comfortably, This IB my symphony. Executor and Administrator: Takes entire charge of Real and Personal Estates : carefully selected securiries offered for investment. THBN THBBB WBBB BUT THB TBBBB UTTLB HILLIONAIBBS GLAD THAT THBT WBBB THBOUGH ; ONB OAYB A FOOB BXCU8B. Patrick ; Drink to the harp strains, the songs that beguile ; Drink to our emblem, the mystical shamrock I Up with ye ! Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. p ERSONS ■*" not now residents of the City of New York or of any of ita sup- plementary districts, • who are considering the ezi)edi- enoy of c Toming here tc live, are b^^r^by besought, for their own sakes as well as out of re- gard for New York's present popula- tion, not to come for at least a year. A, Por Uy Hogg, Uhde Samuel: san hsbs, touko fsllow, i*ll pbotect toitr pbopbbtt, but i want Ton to distinctlt undsbstahd that this place is mot a aapuo B fob opfbndxbs AOAIHST UNIVBBSAL LAW AMD OBDBH. Depository of the Government of the Philippine Islands, Manila Capital, ,000,000. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS sahject to cheque or on certificate. TRAVELERS' LETTERS OP CREDIT Available in all parts of tbe world. DRAPTS on a U parts of Great Britain, France, Germany, Cblna, and Philippines BOUGHT and SOLD. Down it I The Emerald Isle 1 Oh, we are the world's great lovers ; To our hearts Love fled from the skies ; For we know the secret of laughter, And Ire know the passion of sighs. 595 Manchuria's Fixed Constella- tion 567 Man's Conquest, A 108 Man who didn't Fail, The 137 March 193 Marriage Ceremony or Baptism. Merger Hogg is taking a few Days' much needed rest at his country Home.. Buckton says he likes a social Game of Poker 414 Mr. 67 Say, Mister Officer, if this young Lady is engaged to two, can't she be arrested fer Bigamy? 552 Scenes of our Youth 570 Schedule for an Up-to-Date New Yorker 173 Secret, The 52-3 See here, young Fellow (Uncle Sam and Venezuela) 7 Seeing Things 95 See, Johnny! Restrictions governing investments ; 5* Supervision by a Board of Directors composed of men chosen for their business knowledge and wide experi- ence. Fti WJftr Goln^ Into Business A min imfnc Uittdy tikc^ iti^i fo pmicd Kim mviriinurnit. Protccr i Hcm by Life Iniuri Jite tn The Prudential Insurance Company of America JOHN F, Dft YDEr* Prti^Pilfni IS2-^ A. 2 2 GOLD MEDALS LONDON 1861 PHIIMIPMIA \m VIENNA 1873 CHICAGO 1893 LONDON \m BUFFALO 1901 PARIS 1867 1878 1300 The Worlds Best Tonic Imported from Trinidad bwi Unr Jvajtcd appetiztng Conic and siomafh corretik^e, recommended by physicians. The picture has been in the Gorcoran Oallery for seven years, and the ladies want it sent back there. Heaven knows whether the Venezuelan mind is so constituted that experience of any sort can be profitable to it, but Venezuela has been having revolutions these many T^OCTOR LORENZ is the hardest ~^ worked and most popular visitor we have had since Prince Henry came. "Aunty," said she, "don't you want some of my almonds? Bicycle S^ Playing [^ Cards are Favorites the world over. He is willing, but not at all anxious, to die For her sake, if she asks him, but wants to know why. Craigie has made her satire subtle for obvious business reasons. In the last act her deliberation and slowness almost bring ruin to a play which at best is not written in sprightly measure. Worsley, the Bishop*s nephew, whose matrimonial doom seems entirely in his uncle's hands, so little character has the youth himself, is not exactly an ideal jeune premier either in personality or methods. 535 Mary had a little Lamb 331 Mashed Potatoes 594 May 439 Meadow and Brook 439 Merely a Postponement 405 Metropolitan Critic, The 411 Millionaire trying to "Kill Time" 563 Mill Race, A 2Q Mill That Jack Built. Bumble- bee 57 Mistake of a Mother, The 297 Misunderstanding, A 325 Moneybags takes the Air 539 More than Rumor 14 Morning, Noon and Night 395 Mother is on our Side, Anyway. An old-fashioned Stage Coach 445 Sense and Incense 177 Shady Story, A 271 Shade of Elizabeth and Auto- mobile 71 She belongs to 400, doesn't she? IS lucky (chicks) 303 Signor Mascagm's Impressions of the Land of Freedom... M 222-3 Sleeping Beauty, The 509 Snapshots in Hades 28. The Company is a legal depository for Trust Funds, and for City, County and State Moneys. Van Nc^ndto, F^wttdrmi M&Hon C Ktclhrj K Vict- ^ ft* am,t J^ « Mah Lon D. A lialf a wine-glass before or after meals ox before retiring strengthens ihe jaded siom- ach. Their feeling is that if hardened peo- ple choose to go to picture galleries and run the risk of seeing nude pic- tures, it is nobody's fault but their own, but that the White House ought to set an example of expurgation to other American domiciles. He has worked his way across the coun- try, exciting great interest wherever he has gone, and putting children's hip bones in their sockets by the hun- dred. " "Thank you, dear," was the prompt reply, "I will take one or two. When you play with "Bicycle" Playing Cards you Hold Good Cards. His compliments please, for, between you and me, He sees only just what he wishes to see. ieo9L DARRACQ p A DC HOLD MORE RECORDS THAN ANY ^^i V»3 OTHER MAKE IN THE WORLD .* ji i lii3itw. But the part is a silly one, about as silly as that of the young girl Barbara, to which Deronda Mayo brings more intelligence than it deserves.

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