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I start to wing it, jotting down random things about myself, interests and what type of woman I'm looking for.

But like any good angler, I scout the waters and I select traits that I want My problem is, I'm very picky. I'm usually a sucker for blue eyed blondes, I prefer tall women and you have to be in great shape.

I was skeptical about online dating because of the horror stories I heard about it.

But since I work in a male-dominated industry, I'm not into the bar scene, and I didn't grow up here. I sit down at the table and crack open a beer as I begin the process of making my sales pitch to the opposite sex.

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fish catch dating-83

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I do eventually meet one girl and we go on a couple of dates. I see she's online and I write her a witty response. I write back and remind myself to exercise patience.I'm feeling a little more confident and I ask if she wants to go for a walk in the metro park. We take a long pleasant stroll and as we walk, I don't make any moves.Instead, I offer to carry her shoes as she walks barefoot.We gradually become more comfortable and talk in detail.When it's time to say goodbye, I give her a kiss and she doesn't pull back.

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