Fantasy dating

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Further, my love for this other girl eventually ended up being the reason I broke it off with my previous girlfriend - I found myself not as attracted to her, became more negative in the relationship, and lost interest.

Basically, I am not sure if it is worth giving up someone who is smart, attractive, works well with my family, and cares about me, for the unknown.

My love for this other girl has kept me up at night for a few years and I think about her all the time.

I am finding myself unhappy in my current relationship, but I do not think the other girl in the picture has any interest in me.

Love is one of those areas of romance you can't truly experience from the sideline.It would be easier for her to reject you as a possible boyfriend and harder for her to reject you as a good guy friend.For your part, you've created this fantasy about her and what it would be like to be in a relationship with her.The only problem is, I am and have been in love with another girl for over 3 years.The girl and I are pretty good friends and I have been in love with her since the moment I met her.

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