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” Gangnam Style ” by PSY is still the most viewed videos of all time with more than 2,840,000,000 views.9.

Approximately 9 Million adults in Britain and one-third of Italians have never used the internet. While there are treatment camps for internet addicts in China, a vast population of people has never used it till date.10.

The queries that you search for are just a minuscule percentage of the internet and is often referred to as the ‘Surface Web’.

The remaining part is called ‘Deep Web’ and it is much larger than the Surface Web.26.

You’ve heard the term ‘surfing’ on the internet, right?

Well, it originated in 1992, courtesy of a New York librarian whose name was Jean Armour Polly.

A live 128×128 grayscale picture of the state of the coffee pot was provided as the video feed.5.You cannot even use a regular browser like Google Chrome or Firefox to access the deep web and will need something that people know as ‘Tor’ to access the ‘Deep Web’.Be careful though, as there is a lot of strange stuff lingering there.27.The majority of internet traffic is not generated by humans, but by bots and malware.According to a recent study conducted by Incapsula, 61.5% or nearly two-thirds of all the website traffic is caused by Internet bots.11.

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