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To many, phone sex is an experience that’s more awkward than sexy. But mastering the art of arousing your lover over the phone isn’t hard if you know the little sexy things that make the difference between an uncomfortable conversation and a sexy one.

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If you’ve got the time, cancel call waiting before you call your lover up.

Or just speak late in the night when you aren’t expecting any calls.

Just like you need foreplay to enjoy passionate sex in bed, you need to be patient and set the mood right before you start talking dirty.

It just happens, as soon as one of you say something naughty over the phone. And aural sex is a form of sexual stimulation where you get turned on by listening to something that arouses you.Just use these tips on how to have phone sex and you’ll definitely know everything you need to know to have a naughty, sexy conversation and arouse each other completely.Patience and the art of phone sex Phone sex can’t be rushed.Don’t rush the pace of the conversation at any point of time.The more relaxed you feel and the slower you speak, the more relaxed and aroused your partner will feel. Call your lover by their name or their pet name now and then while talking about anything at all.

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