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Finally, we come to the massive exaggeration of the truth.

Kentucky Fried Chicken attempted to rebrand itself as Kitchen Fresh Chicken to downplay the "fried" in its name.

If you are trying to promote something that will save lives, like anti-drinking and driving, anti-tailgating, the dangers of domestic violence, anti-smoking, or anything else that will do a direct public good, then fear may be considered a justifiable tactic.

However, some agencies use fear in all the wrong places.

An infamous example of this was an athletic shoe ad that appeared to encourage infidelity.

The headline read “Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout.” It could quite easily have read “A workout is like a girlfriend – you never cheat on it.” But the ad agency and the company apparently thought the other approach was edgier.

A typical payday loan comes with an interest rate of between 391 and 521 percent. These ads are designed to scare people into voting for the politician responsible for the ad, making it seem like the whole world will come to an end if you elect the wrong person.

There are certain practices which have become outlawed over the years, and we have definitely come a long way from the days of snake oil salesmen, subliminal ads, and out-and-out lies.Or, if a company consistently asks a salaried employee to work longer than 40 hours week after week, leaving him or her exhausted and highly stressed, that's unethical.Firms behind these loans are not breaking any laws.It not only misled people, it basically promoted fried chicken as health food.If any advertising makes claims that mislead the public, then it is unethical.

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