Ethical dating sites uk

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There are some other issues, too, but we’ll examine the major ones first. A professional is the keeper of the patient’s confidence, but the privilege belongs to the client.So, a therapist’s ability to disclose information imparted in the context of a therapy situation (even the mere fact that a therapy relationship exists) is severely limited.But when individuals freely post information to the general public, the information is not protected.Another major issue is the issue of potential dual relationship.

I’ll keep it short, and cut right to the question: Would it be ethical, under any circumstances, for a psychologist to post his/her profile with photos included, on dating websites that he/she knows his/her patients are members of?

The information age has posed some interesting challenges for patients and therapists.

From an ethical standpoint, there are two major issues to be considered in the situation you describe.

) that it was not she who looked up my profile (and that she has never and would never look at it), but rather was likely to be a friend that she had loaned her account to, for the purpose of viewing/contacting other profile holders.

I can hardly believe this explanation and can’t imagine it isn’t an ethical issue in itself to casually loan one’s dating profile account to friends, when you know your patients use this dating website and might in fact be contacted by your friends.

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