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This is a good precaution to take as soon as your kids start going online and you want to make sure they don't accidentally stumble across something yucky. If you want to prevent access to specific websites and limit your kid's exposure to inappropriate content such as mature games or , you can use the parental controls that are built into your device's operating system.Every major operating system -- Microsoft's Windows, Apple's Mac OS, and even Amazon's Fire -- offers settings to keep kids from accessing stuff you don't want them to see.Can I set parental controls in specific apps, such as Snapchat? If you just want to limit what your kids can search for, your best option is to enable Google Safe Search in whichever browser or browsers you use.Do I need to worry about my kid disabling parental controls? First, you need to make sure your browsers use Google as their default search engine, and then you need to turn on Safe Search.

This is the best solution if your kids are younger and are primarily using a home device.Check out each one's features: will give you a lot of control over all of your kid's devices (the ones they use at home as well as their phones).These can be pricey (especially if you have several kids to monitor), but the cost includes constant device monitoring, offering you visibility into how kids are using their devices.Wherever you are in your search, this guide can help you make sense of the wide array of options for managing your family's devices.Find the answers to parents' most frequently asked questions about parental controls.

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