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Also, there is even the glass ampoule holding 50 cubic digits of Parisian air.And then, there’s Jeff Koons: monumental, colorful, and irreverent.by Rhonda Roland Shearer Marcel Duchamp’s 1913 “Readymade” — a Bicycle Wheel on a Stool — was “lost” and never seen.He made a 2nd version (circa 1916), and scholars have found at least 5 photographs illustrating this 2nd version in Duchamp’s New York Studio.His father was a notary, but there was art in the family.Two of Duchamp's elder brothers were successful artists: the painter Jacques Villon (1875–1963) and the sculptor Raymond Duchamp-Villon (1876–1918).Both artists allude to eroticism and how we use metaphors to communicate our desires.This is to say that is a kind of history of the objects that surround us, dating from the last century to the present day.

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When Duchamp came of age, Eugene willingly supported his son Marcel's career in art.

As in all chance systems we can make certain predictions.

For example, we can observe that the Bicycle Wheel and Stool will fall but we cannot say exactly when.

Over the three floors of the Jumex, unfolds works from more than 30 collections from Europe and America.

One can be transported back to the pages of Art History textbooks upon encountering the wheel of a bicycle mounted on a stool, the snow shovel suspended in the air, or the inverted urinal.

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