Devil may cry dating game

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She then brings him to Vergil, who tries to persuade him to join their cause.When Dante refuses, Vergil asks for a chance to at least show him the truth of his past.She wears a blue hoodie with an orange body, which she keeps up over her head while on missions, hiding her short brown hair.

Bringing Dante to the well hidden entrance, Kat explains to him the purpose of the Order is mankind’s last defense against demons.

She then leads him to a nearby rift, where he can get out of Limbo.

But when the Hunter reemerges and blocks Dante’s path, Kat throws a Wiccan-charmed bottle at its face and exposes its weak spots, allowing Dante to fight and kill the Hunter.

When Kat was young, she was orphaned for an unknown reason.

She was considered crazy for seeing demons and was put on drugs.

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