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Java Web Start can also manage the automatic update if a new version of the module is available on the server. During encryption or decryption, the Transmission Module will browse the different keystore's certificates in order to find the associated private key.

The Transmission Module is launched using Java Web Start which is part of the default installation of a JRE. That's why it's better to have all your company's certificates inside the same keystore.

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The Soldier’s brigade or battalion is notified upon receipt of assignment instruction for permanent party Soldiers with a PCS.

However, documents encrypted with or for one of your old certificates cannot be opened. Keystore is a Java technology that keeps an history of your certificates like a stack.

The new keystore then allows all E-file functionnalities.

This association is automatically set up when installing Java, but sometimes a specific Internet Explorer option may prevents it to run properly. This happens when the existing keystore is not selected during the keys generation.

Scroll down to the Include local directory path when uploading files to a server entry. The Transmission Module needs the Active X controls and plug-ins to be enabled. To open it, double click on ➡️ While renewing a Luxtrust certificate, the Transmission Module sometimes creates a new keystore file instead of amending the existing one.

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