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Thankfully a few people turned up and started to look at and answer the original question.

You display an uncanny knack of being a mirror image of the neo tory labour party.

There are millions of desperately poor people on this planet.

In typical liberal elite style folks fears and concerns are brushed aside and the full list of pc slurs used on those who will not toe the liberal elite line.

Certainly, we need to move beyond the current focus on the here-and-now of survival and charity efforts, and think further into the future, toward rehabilitation and what will come after the war.

And are we not always being told to stop meddling in islamic nations and let them get on with it?

But doing nothing, having no plan is to my mind plain stupid so that's what we'll probably do then. It is often difficult to verify the identity of immigrants who come to Syria to fight with armed factions.

Given that these people are some of the least skilled and educated, that's highly unlikely.

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He now makes it a point to try not to cross his arms when he's talking to women.

It's also a lovely thing to do and I'm sure many of them will play a very productive role in our economy in the years ahead.

He had seen families suffer when their loved ones were arrested. According to Uthman, the legal status of Syrian refugees is no less of a problem than their financial situation, and is one of the causes behind the phenomenon.

It's a failed concept as many in this country have finally realised.

But if one thing is harder in peaceful Berlin than in war-torn Syria, it is navigating the lexicon of relationships. It seems to me, that there's been an awful lot of shouting, but not so much thinking. We are the vegetables who accept the political gravy, and allow them to create carnage, its our taxes they squander on such thing.

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