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Recently we both read Gone Girl then went on a date night to the movie.

It was great because we both couldn't wait to talk to each other about what we read.

I'm pretty sure, in this instance, the lack of conversation is a big problem. Whenever I spend a lot of time with anyone, friend or boyfriend or family, I do find that the conversational well starts to run dry.

As many others have said, doing an activity whether together or not, is a great way to reintroduce that active conversational spark.

I think these are the kind of boring conversations that couples can fall into.

(Not that our babies are boring but whether they had a dirty diaper that day is boring)The best ways my wife and I have found to stimulate conversation is to share an experience with a movie, tv show, or book.

I don't think there has to be a relationship issue underneath, but it can turn into a problem.

We'd probably be much more silent if it wasn't for me.

And to be honest, he'd much rather watch TV than talk to me (and we don't even live together and see each other twice a week).

I was just curious what other people's experiences are.

Sometimes I do run out of things to say when we meet.

When I try to tell him about my day he usually cuts me off or acts uninterested and then talks about his day.

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