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I matched with him on that app known as tinder (are you rolling your eyes already?

A bit of a goofball so naturally I wanted to meet him.

For example if 30 percent of women aged 18 - 23 have a boyfriend who is over age 23 and if very few women over age 23 have a boyfriend who is age 23 or under, then this will result in 30 percent of men aged 18 - 23 not having a girlfriend.

Most women make no effort to ensure that men are treated fairly or to ensure that young men have opportunities to meet and talk to young women.

This results in many young men being unable to find a girlfriend. Now, usually on a first date you order an alcoholic beverage, right? I wanted a glass of wine god damn it but I couldn’t order wine now that he had ordered green tea? Now I’m not usually one to look at other peoples phones but he has it out in front of my eyeballs so I can’t help it. He ordered green tea and I was a little taken aback. We didn’t even need alcohol because everything felt so easy and natural. Someone sent him a message so I look and see a few messages have been sent back and forth. ‘Blah blah blah as soon as I saw you at the bar I knew I had to blah blah blah.’ Wow. Late afternoon he messages and tells me he has bought us tickets to a soccer game. Not sure what my dad and brother will think about that but whatever. I walk back upstairs, to where this ‘cougar’ first spotted her prey, and there they are. I was SO upset I got the taxi driver to stop at the end of my street so I could fall into a heap on the grass and have a good ol’ cry without waking my flatmates. And then we went and had ice cream and played jenga. One scoop of citrus lime and one scoop of caramel swirl. I know this probably wasn’t the wisest of decisions and mum, if you’re reading this I’m sorry but I felt so comfortable with this guy we decided to go for a drive to the Mt Coot-tha lookout to admire the pretty lights over Brisbane city. He didn’t even try to make out, despite telling me the lookout was where ‘all the kids went to get it on.’ After sushi, sitting at the bus stop for what felt like an hour-an-a-half, ice cream and jenga and a drive to lover’s point, our date ended at about 11.30pm and he even asked me to save Friday night for him. We’d been messaging all week and snap chatting hilarious videos to each other and I had a great feeling about things.

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