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A lower ranking male doubts himself and feels like he isn’t good enough for the types of women he finds attractive.

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This type of thinking naturally makes him feel nervous and anxious. Lacking the confidence to approach attractive women An alpha male knows that he deserves attractive women, so he simply approaches and expects to be liked.

I see this happening often because I help guys to get an ex girlfriend, fiance or wife back.

It’s sad to see because in most cases, the guy is a really good guy, but no-one ever told him that being an alpha male is not a bad thing.

Most guys grow up thinking that the key to success with women and life is to be very nice all the time. The key to success with women is to be a good guy who knows how to attract women when he meets them and then how to deepen the love, respect and attraction of a woman in a relationship. Being overlooked for promotions Managerial or leadership promotions (these are usually the best paying jobs) almost always go to the alpha male or the most charismatic guy.

Lower-ranking males aren’t usually given positions of leadership and power unless they have a lot of skill in a specific area. Having less friends than the average person Think about the types of guys that you’ve met in life and wished you could be friends with. Humans are instinctively wired to get close to alpha males because for most of human history, an alpha male offered the best protection and best chance for survival.

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