Dating victrola records

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They would put sticks together and make a doll-like thing.The poorer children would have to be more ingenious.

The heads and bodies were usually made in two different places, so the numbers helped to match up the right sizes.She told me that when she started working for Christie’s, everybody collected wax dolls, but then people got so frightened about how to preserve them that they started to go for the ceramic ones instead (most people who collect dolls collect ceramic dolls). They tend to discolor and crack over time, but when they were new, wax dolls were much more lifelike than anything people were used to.Before that, there were only wooden or cloth dolls, and occasionally poor children made their own from odds and ends.I enjoyed doing it, but I’m getting towards the last part of my museum career, so I have to get some of my younger colleagues involved again.I’ve worked for the Victoria and Albert Museum since 1974.

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