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He was then shot on the ground, it was later reported by residents of the building, by South African troops.Six apartments were hit in the building, but the raiders appeared to have missed their main target, the wife of a figure in African National Congress circles here named Chris Hani who left the country this year. Hani was in the building but the raiders were apparently [email protected] about the location of her apartment.

The South African announcement expressed regret that seven women and children had been killed in ''crossfire.'' The attack was provoked, General Viljoen asserted, by intelligence reports that ''a number of trained terrorists'' arrived in Maseru in the last month with orders to assassinate leaders of Transkei and Ciskei, two nominally independent black ''homelands'' adjacent to Lesotho.❄️ #winter #winterwarmer #comfortfood #homeawayfromhome #warmth #maseru #lesotho Poolside or Beachside?Good food with extraordinary dining experiences around Southern Africa🍴 #africa #avani #avanihotels #avanihotelsandresorts #minorhotels #avanirestaurants #dining #diningexperiences #eat #eatgoodfood Bringing you unforgettable dining experiences in ultimate destinations. Later the Government here told diplomats that more than 60 of the South Africans, who are reported to have arrived on five helicopters, were left stranded on a hilltop outside Maseru waiting to be evacuated. Makhele, the party official, the chief of the South African Security Police, Lieut. Johan Coetzee, phoned his opposite number in Maseru, Maj. Sehalahala Malapo, this morning and warned him that there would be heavy retaliation if an attempt was made to interfere with the evacuation of the soldiers.The story of the stranded troops was received skeptically by exile sources who tended to believe the South African account.

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