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They are everywhere, I suggest the minute the chat takes that turn for the there, block if you need to. I was on eharmony for six months and I hated almost every moment.The politer ones are there, they are just bloody hard to find. Their matching algorithm is useless - I'd get matches described as excellent and the person would have almost nothing in common with me or an almost empty profile.There are plenty of good men and women on dating sites you do have to glean through quite a lot of dross to find them.I met my partner on POF, he's an absolute gem and I did chat to a fair few really decent guys before deleting my profile when I met him.It also seems the dating pool compromises of prat's and chuck outs that other women didn't want, spoilt mothers boys, they do exist i know two of them and ones that send dick pics? Em, I meant no guys I know have ever had women ask them for pics of them naked, plenty of risque text requests from women that's usually after they are either dating or have spoke quite a bit., just what are they trying to do other than piss any female off totally;(Jean Padget Lurve me lurve me ferrets;! Sorry, I don't agree at all there are no good men or women available dating online, I do agree online allows some guys to cross boundaries they would never cross in real life you could its also fact you'd find those same guys in bars/clubs or anywhere humans interact trying it on with women,they have always existed.

Granted I only joined in July but even so, there have been a stream of fuckwits!

- not sure I understand this, did he take a photo of you during the date and then send it to you, and this is what made you feel uncomfortable, seems odd, would creep me out too. Begging for some advice on how to get our house to sell... To feel absolutely distraught about returning to work after mat leave?

I met my lovely bf on Match, but before him I got nothing but old farts or sleaze balls DEMANDING more pics. My bf was the only one who messaged like a human being. But there are wonderful men out there, I found one, so there is hope. Don't fall into sleazy chat, at all In fairness that's something you only do with a partner, so no idea why these men feel they can do this. To not know what to make of my DH saying this every morning...

I was actually rather gutted, but vowed never again to email for weeks on end before meeting, as in hindsight I was way too over invested in the whole thing from the start So I got chatting to another guy.

He seemed straightforward, normal, decent, bookish, dependable.

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