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Being half British, every day at four o’clock in the afternoon at Granny and Grandpa’s house, tea was served.This was not simply a mug of tea with a bag on a string.We still love our teatime as a social or family tradition. If you choose collecting antique silver as your main antique interest, you should make sure you know the general history and the historical periods associated with collectable silver.We are talking serious tea, carried into the living room by Grandpa, on an antique silver tray.Piping hot tea in a gorgeous antique silver teapot (Victorian of course), rich cream in a matching creamer, sugar cubes (ok this was a nod to convenience) in an ornate silver sugar bowl with an antique silver spoon, and of course, a silver strainer to pour the tea through into our porcelain tea cups, were all presented on a gorgeous silver footed tray.This elegant tea time trend and refinement in silver-smithing was a perfect marriage which resulted in the design and development of gorgeous tea services.

We have the leading social critic of 1680, the Marquise de Seven, to thank for first advocating the addition of the creamer to the tea service, and the sugar basket was soon to follow.

Commodities like as sugar and ginger were seen as rare wonders from foreign lands.

Fashionable tea rooms sprang up in chic hotels and public meeting places.

Naturally, biscuits (cookies really) were served with “Tea”. ) This tradition made an indelible mark and gave me an appreciation and love for these stunning silver tea sets and the joy of family tea time.

My beloved grandparents gave me a beautiful antique tea set as a wedding gift, dating from 1896.

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