Dating signs he likes you

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Subtle Clues There’s more to look out for than just body language when it comes to deciphering a guy’s inner mind.

You’re not just sitting on someone’s couch, eating takeout and watching TV (although that’s great too). If a guy’s really into you, he ditches the self-consciousness about double-texting, and honestly, thank god. In the early stages of a relationship, sleeping in your own, comfy bed usually overrides crashing at their place—no matter how cozy your spoon situation is.Probably because he wants you to know he likes you, which he clearly does.Way before you get to the stage of meeting each other’s parents, you have to go through meeting each other’s friends. If a guy is bringing you around to his friend group and talking his friends up to you, it’s a good sign he’s really into you.He’ll address whatever’s going on in his own manly group chat later—right now, he’s with you.So, that cute guy in the office has been chatting you up regularly over the water cooler, and this morning he even brought you coffee!

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