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Titus is said to have ministered of his own initiative.Or, as Paul put it, God put the concern in the heart of Titus (2 Cor. Paul began ministering after being commissioned by Jesus, but without official approval from apostles or elders—something he seems to be proud of (Gal. In the primitive church, people did not need to go through some sort of official channel in order to begin ministering.These communities would have continued with their familiar practices but modified them to encourage the Christian faith and the worship of Jesus Christ.Other assemblies may have functioned more like the many voluntary associations and trade guilds that flourished in the first century.[13] Church life in the apostolic age was “dynamic and fluid”.[14] Churches responded to the pressures from within and without the Christian community, and adapted to arising needs and other changing situations.Paul probably used the expression ) which could assemble on occasion (1 Cor. Different congregations, guided by different leaders and teachers, determined their own practices and boundaries.[12] Some house churches may have borrowed elements from synagogues services.All of the first Christians were Jewish and it is likely that in some synagogues all the members converted to Christianity.It is helpful to have some insight into the values and customs of the first Christians, and some appreciation of how they organised their meetings and ministries, if we are to have a better understanding of the setting, context, and meaning of the New Testament letters.In this article, I provide a brief overview of church life in the first century, and I highlight the participation of women.

And call no one your father on earth, for you have one Father—the one in heaven.

In the post-apostolic writings, however, women ministers are mentioned much less frequently and they almost disappear.

Furthermore, in some of the post-apostolic writings, women are rarely addressed directly and seem excluded from even general instructions.

From the beginning, some people stood out as leaders.

The householder would naturally assume prominence and patronage of the assembly that met in his or her home.

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