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Platonic love as devised by Plato concerns rising through levels of closeness to wisdom and true beauty from carnal attraction to individual bodies to attraction to souls, and eventually, union with the truth. Platonic love is examined in Plato's dialogue, the Symposium, which has as its topic the subject of love or Eros generally.

It explains the possibilities of how the feeling of love began and how it has evolved—both sexually and non-sexually.

Platonic love was the theme of some of the courtly masques performed in the Caroline era—though the fashion soon waned under pressures of social and political change.

Throughout these eras platonic love slowly was categorized into different subsections, which were: There is a type of porosity that allows love to filter through one type and into the next, causing them to seep into and pass through each other.

In short, with genuine platonic love, the beautiful or lovely other person inspires the mind and the soul and directs one's attention to spiritual things.

Pausanias, in Plato's Symposium (181b–182a), explained two types of love or Eros—Vulgar Eros or earthly love and Divine Eros or divine love.

The offspring of true virtue would essentially lead to a mortal achieving immortality.attraction towards beautiful form or body but transcends gradually to love for Supreme Beauty.This concept of Divine Eros is later transformed into the term platonic love.The ladder starts with carnal attraction of body for body, progressing to a love for body and soul.Eventually, in time, with consequent steps up the ladder, the idea of beauty is eventually no longer connected with a body, but entirely united with Being itself.

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