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I have a feeling if this vid is on youtube, there've probably been some mean things said about this guy.Kudos to everyone who've commented that this guy is sincere and not someone to laugh at.Who hasn't had trouble finding a good person to spend their life with?It's a pathetic world, people finding joy in others sadness...He isn't, but reading the positive comments forced me to check myself and realize I have some growing to do.Once again thanks to all you nice folks out there!! he may be a nice guy but this video is pathetic and so is reality.

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Enjoy your favorites on your TV or laptop, or download the XFINITY Stream app to enjoy On Demand movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet.Internet dating services match people using a database having a profile for each user, where each user's profile contains personal information such as gender, age, physical attributes (height, weight, eye and hair color, etc.), education, interests, etc.Information on one or more suitable candidates are provided to the user based upon his/her requested criteria, where this information can include a picture of each candidate.nothing is sacred and you might as well laugh while you still can.besides would any of you ladies volunteer and few weeks for trying to date this poor schmuck. Making fun of a guy for wanting something badly in life is not just cruel, it's singularly despicable.

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